Why do we do SEO copywriting?

We need it in website works

This is my first blog post on EstherPoni.com SEO column, let me tell you how we start this SEO copywriting business. In 2018, I was working in a web design company and a lot of website clients couldn’t provide any textual content for their websites, namely company introduction, service brief and so on. They were great in their own professions but never did any words to tell the others how great they were. Even some may give simple text, it was just not attractive to potential customers. Therefore I would write the company, service or production introduction for the clients sometimes. It made web launch earlier.

Once there were words on the website, the client then asked the web designer (that’s me) why he couldn’t find his company website on Google and Yahoo. I asked how it was and the renovator client told me that he only found brands when he googled “renovate”. At that moment, I just explained what “SEO” is. It is search engine optimization, and he could understand.

Obviously a website project alone cannot help the client to do good business. It is just like a renovated shop without promotion.

So , the web design agency provided website copywriting services.

SEO challenge of “Government Funding Consultation”

You may know we attempted to dominate the first page of “government funding consultation” from an EstherPoni article “SEO Copywriting Success“. Far before that, the website company kept on challenging the keyword category of “Web design”. Nevertheless, the keywords were very competitive that many long running website companies had already built many backlinks by adding links at the production footer. We, as a quite young web agency, can only stay on the second page of the SERP. The reality of SEO is very harsh that 70% of traffic goes to the first page. It is a huge difference between the first two pages.

After all, we gained great experience from the battle with other web design companies, and consolidated our SEO copywriting foundation. We were quite successful in the SEO challenge of “government funding consultant”. Our latest project of government funding consultant is in good progress recently, it just spent 3 months to rank high for hot keywords.

Literary works cultivation

A pal talked to us that there was no market for SEO copywriting in Hong Kong. Nobody would wait for several months to observe the SEO effect. Indeed the market exists, in this digital age, we must target the right people to do the right things. It may be a tiny faction of the entire population, but the efficiency is much better than traditional promotion with high conversion rate. David defeated Goliath finally. It is a network business world nowadays, literary works cultivation can give us a solid foundation to grow. It is not as instant as advertisement, but victory will go to those enterprises with research and brand.

EstherPoni believes that SEO copywriting is the future of content marketing. Human needs words, and the future needs words, too. We never hire salesmen, as words are the best weapon. American broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow described then British Prime Minister Winston Churchill as this, “Now the hour had come for him to mobilize the English language, and send it into battle.”1

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