EstherPoni Web design service

Why is Web Design important?

Everyone goes online now, and the company website is the first impression of your business. A good web design attracts customers and a bad web design repels customers, as simple as that. While your competitors have a refreshing website, you should not lag behind. A company with an address, a phone number and a website can earn customers’ confidence. Moreover, a website with suitable SEO copywriting can reach quality customers to make more business opportunity.

How to do good Web Design?

Web design consists of 2 things: visual and use. Designers call them “User Interface” (UI) and “User Experience” (UX). The visual brings out the company brand, and the use is simple and convenient to achieve the goal of both user and the website. A good web design also considers SEO requirement such as responsiveness and speed etc.

Why is EstherPoni a good Web Design company?

Web design should have a specific goal, no matter visibility, business opportunity or sales. Once the goal is set, EstherPoni will stick to the goal to design the web. The web should also show the brand to impress customers.

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